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Blue Volt Stabilizer / With 5 Wires Digisplay For Jeep 01-03 TK-VS

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  Volt Stabilizer /  With 5 Wires Digisplay TK-VS





High Capacity System & Battery Performance Monitor


Premium Model born through a History of Trust

Introducing the latest and most advanced member in the PIVOT family of products, our premium model "PIVOT" , born into a lineup which since 2003 has won praise from the world over for its quality and proven performance enhancement. By increasing condenser capacity and through improve-ments made to circuitry, not only has voltage stability been enhanced, but our newly improved voltage meter means improved voltage supply which in turn means no loss in battery life or performance and the possibility of reaching 100% performance.




·Universal fitting for all 12v vehicles

·Come with free 5 point Pivot Super Earth grounding cable

·High capacity system

·Battery performance moniter

·Improved audio quality

·Increased torque and response and power

·Stabilized idling and improved engine kick over

·Increased headlight brightness

·Improved fuel economy

·Improved battery

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