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EPMAN - High performance For gss342 255lph fuel pump for directly sale EP-RYB342

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  • Weight:0.75 kg
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Car MakerUniversal
Item TypeFuel Supply & Treatment
Model NameEP-RYB342
Item Length000 inch
Item Width000 inch
Item Height000 inch
Item Weight0.75 kg
Item Diameter00 inch
Material TypeAluminum
Special Features                        
Brand NameEPMAN
Item NumberEP-RYB342

EPMAN - High performance For gss342 255lph fuel pump for directly sale EP-RYB342



Our fuel pump all 100% test  before leave the factory,they must pass a quality examination.

Some suppler got the fuel pump lower price from our factory that no test or just need the defect pump that life will more less and unsafe.

Every buyer please chose the better quality and believer  Epman racing fuel pump no lowest  price but to keep high quality.

electric fuel pump
for Walbro GSS 342,255LPH,
High pressure,
High performance for Honda CRV,Subaru Impreza and Toyota and somemotor sports cars,
HOT sales
Also make GSS340,GSS341,GSS343 high performance
The GSS 342 high PRESSURE fuel pumps are the most preferred fuel pump upgrade mostly due to its affordable nature.
The pump works great high HP vehicles, comes with install kit for Nissan applications.
Good part to add for anyone doing their SR swap
because most KA pumps are old and unreliable after SR swap.
We also make Walbro GSS340,GSS341,GSS343,High pressure fuel pumps,High performance,
The quality is similar with Original,so HOT sales in world wildmarket.

VehicleYearRateFuel Pump and Setup Kit
Universal Intank Fuel Pumps   
GSS341 255 LPH High Pressure Pump 255 LPH HP 
GSS342 255 LPH High Pressure Pump 255 LPH HP 
Universal In Line Fuel Pumps   
190 LPH High Pressure Pump 190 LPH HP 
255 LPH High Pressure Pump 255 LPH HP 
Integra90-93255LPH HP 
Integra94-00255LPH HP 
Grand National84-86255LPH HP 
FWD84-90255LPH HP 
Neon95-99255LPH HP 
Talon90-94255LPH HP 
Talon95-99255LPH HP 
Mustang85-97255LPH HP 
Mustang Cobra96-97255LPH HP 
Probe GT88-92255LPH HP 
Probe GT93-97255LPH HP 
GM Cars & Trucks85-92255LPH HP 
Accord90-93255LPH HP 
Accord94-97255LPH HP 
Civic/CRX88-91255LPH HP 
Civic92-00255LPH HP 
Prelude92-96255LPH HP 

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