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  • Grounding Cable 48004-AK002 (purple) TK-DX02X

Grounding Cable 48004-AK002 (purple) TK-DX02X

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TANSKY - Grounding Cable 48004-AK002 (purple) TK-DX02X


 Grounding Cable


5 pcs wires

This product can stable voltage, reinforce horsepower and brightness of headlamp.


Using low resistance terminal and wire, connect directly from (-) of battery to ground. It can reinforce:

1.Ignition system.

2.Dynamic electric power

3.Brightness of headlamp

4.Audio performance

5.Horsepower... and more...


All components are high conductive material. When installing, please must be setted tightly to keep high performance on the product.

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High-quality, durable!

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